Who doesn’t love big cans?

Woman owned & operated • Now at the LCBO

Vodka Friday has you covered.

Vodka Friday has you covered

Our vodka cans include carbonated & water options

In 6 delicious flavours!

Because Bubbles Suck

‘Cuz Fizz is the Shiz

The More the Merrier

(We have options…)

12 Pack Vodka Sodas

6 Pack Vodka Waters

Our Vodka

40% ABV Premium Vodka + 35% ABV Flavoured Vodkas

Oh yeah, we did that.

All the fun & flavour…
minus the fuss!

Finally here! Ready-to-drink
vodka martinis!


4 Litres = 11.26 355ml cans
Vodka Water
ABV 5%

2 Grams of Cane Sugar • 110 Calories per 355ml Serving

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