It all went down on a Friday, like most important things do.
The unwritten rule was to pack up the week and put it on the shelf, it’s Friday and we are all friends. Our mantra was, “you be you and I’ll be me and we’ll be happy”.
It was all too good to not share and “Vodka Friday” was born.

There are a lot of things that Donna and I are proud of in our lives. Our kids, our friends, our family, our business – but most of all – ourselves.

We have maintained an amazing friendship through all the struggles, unknowns, and lack of funding. We share similar values and beliefs. One of us may go to the gym more often than the other. You decide.

Throughout our lives, we have both navigated some great years and some ‘not so great’ years. Somehow, we have both managed to make it through it all standing firmly on our feet. As we have aged, we have come to realize that life isn’t meant to be easy. It is meant to push you to a growth that even you didn’t know you had in you. While most people our age are looking to retire, we decided to go all out and open Vodka Friday Inc. What did we know about vodka? Well, we liked to drink it but realized we needed more than “likes to drink vodka” for our business plan. If someone had sat us down and explained how hard this would be, there is no way we would have ventured into alcohol – however, that has not been our experience. We are moving fast and sharing a brand that has embraced a “Vodka Friday tribe” while they navigate their lives. Everyone was welcome – we were clear that this was not a support group! If you could giggle, share stories, dance to 80s songs, and sing “Don’t Stop Believing” in 12 Keys, then you were our people!

We needed to stand in a boardroom with men and be perceived as equals. It was a shock when we realized we were the only entirely-woman-owned spirit company in Canada!!! We then set out to wave our ‘women-entrepreneur” flag with pride.

We are forging a path for women to rise in an industry that has excluded them. Today we own trademarks in Canada, the USA, and China! We are distributed in the LCBO, Alberta, and Duty-Free Stores, with over 100 Licensees, golf courses, and growing. We are working with agents in the USA and internationally.

Along with a great brand name, it was equally important to us that our product is exceptional, and it is! Recently, we submitted our product to several international Spirit Awards and won a silver medal in the London Spirits Competition in the UK. After one year, our future is looking bright.

Neither one of us has ever lived in fear. We don’t fear failure, nor do we fear success. We have maneuvered and hustled to make ends meet and have stayed true to ourselves the entire time. Our core beliefs from our youth are still our core beliefs. Honesty and grit win every time!

We urge every woman to stand proud and celebrate everything they have accomplished. The wins, the losses that made you grow, and the days you got out of bed when it was cold outside.

If you knew our story, you would be proud of us!!! Buy the shoes, book the trip, and drink the vodka!!!

Cheers to our tribe!!!