If you believe enough, you can accomplish everything.

Do you know why some people are entrepreneurs and some are not? I would like to state that in my opinion, being an entrepreneur is one brick short of ‘crazy’. However, once you become one, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, being an entrepreneur without the safety net of a contributing significant other might then be classified as ‘insane’! We are doing this every day! We are building a legacy for ourselves and our families! We are forging a path for women that to this point, is an industry that is dominated by men. I don’t begrudge this fact – just simply stating it as a fact! We are winning people over. Why? Because our brand is fun and quirky and inclusive, and the product is amazing!!!

When this is all said and done, it occurred to me that someone might ask us how we did it, to which we will reply “No fucking idea – we just did!”

To the people who are supporting us, following us, and buying our products I say – Thank You from the bottom of my heart! To the people who are wondering how we are doing this, I would say – it has never occurred to us that it wouldn’t work! To the people that are offering us their expertise and advice, I would say – we are listening to every word. To the people who have ideas and have no idea where to begin, I would say – just start and figure it out along the way. To the people who are waiting for us to fail, I would say – you are wasting your time ‘We got this!’. And to everyone else…

Happy Vodka Friday – Cheers!

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