The Industry

There are days that I wake up and think ‘what is it I have gotten myself into?’

However, there is not a day that I have woken up and thought we are wrong.

It’s a very cool feeling when you just know you are on to something and something big. What started out as a night out once a week to giggle and to really find my footing – has turned into a 60-hour-a-week work week that I absolutely love every minute of. The brand is pushing us into directions that we had never even thought about… or haven’t thought about yet. We are growing and we are growing fast!

Is it hard? – yep!

Is it stressful? – double yep!!

Is it fun? – Yep, yep, yep!!!

As the “Vodka Diva” of our partnership, I know for sure that without the “Vodka Snob” none of this works. I am ‘the storm’ and Donna is ‘the calm’.

Donna and Reta – Well… ‘It’s a nice cocktail’.

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