Why Vodka?

Welcome to the very first official ‘Vodka Friday – Vodka Diva’ blog. These blogs will be no-holds-barred and fully transparent. Everything is on the table.

So that I start somewhere, I will do my best to keep it brief and answer a question I get all the time.

Why Vodka?

Here was the process of elimination:
Tequila – makes me cry in bars for apparently no good reason. Best to avoid!
Whiskey – The first alcohol I tried which I immediately threw up. Best to avoid!
Gin – (particularly lemon Gin) It came with a warning about “may cause blindness”. Pretty sure I experienced that. Best to avoid!
Rum – potential to feel like a pirate. Best to avoid!
Wine – turns most women into lunatics (of which I have led that charge at times). Best to avoid!

Vodka it is!!!!

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