Why was it Friday?

I get asked all the time about why we named it ‘Vodka Friday’ and in my very first blog, I explained why it was vodka. Which I think is pretty obvious … who doesn’t like vodka?

Now the question remains – why is it Friday?

From the time I was a child, or teenager anyway, I lived for Fridays. Everything happened on Fridays!!! Parties, new potential partner meetings (ya – let’s call it that), the music got turned up, friends, the phone started ringing, text messages started flying, and there was just this cool vibe that seemed to only happen on Fridays. It was like an electric current!!! The day to blow off steam and have some fun. I was always completely ramped up from the week, so crashing on a couch to do nothing has never been a part of my ‘grand plan’.

If anyone objected to Friday then they were not our tribe, besides we needed two days to recover!!!! You had just enough time to get everyone settled at home before you headed out for Vodka Friday. At first, it was conversational music, and then as the vodka flowed it became sing-along music, which then became nightclub music with the resounding beat of “Just Can’t Get Enough” from Depeche Mode. Ahhh the 80s – the best decade of music ever and we lived it, the first time around. We were just warming up. The grand finale was at some dive bar with a great band who would indulge one of us on stage to take over lead vocals to “Don’t Stop Believing” in more keys than Journey ever intended.

But mostly, why it was Friday? Because Saturdays are date night, and this was no date night!


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