On October 6th, 2021 we registered a brand name that we both believed in enough that we went all in.

In January 2022, we both quit the security of our full-time jobs and decided to go rogue and build this crazy brand name that is called Vodka Friday!!!!

When we set out to do this, we were committed to delivering an exceptional product. We set out to offer smooth vodkas, flavoured vodkas with no added sweeteners or sugar, and coolers that were low in sugar but high in flavour.

We aligned ourselves with some amazing and super-smart people that worked with us and rallied behind us. We couldn’t have done any of this without each and every one of them.

Today, on April 12th, 2023, less than a year after we filled our first bottle, we found out we won a SILVER MEDAL in the International Spirits Awards in the UK. Grateful, humbled, and appreciative are only some of the words that come to mind.

This industry, which is predominately a male-dominated industry, has embraced us. We are forging through and making up the rules as we go along.

I said to Donna the other day, “Someday, when this is all said and done, someone is going to ask us how we did this – and we are going to say – No fucking idea!!!”


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