Women Entrepreneurs

Not going to lie, I figured this would be easier. I didn’t count on a government-regulated industry being so ‘unregulated’. However, we keep pushing forward and finding creative marketing reasons to exist.

Our followers are amazing and continue to push us further and further. Our ‘naysayers’ just strengthen our resolve and continue to push us further and further.

Is it a lot of work? – yes!
Is it hard? – yes!
Is it worth it? – also yes!

We laugh and cry all at the same time. Our team here at Vodka Friday can’t be traded for the world. Well maybe for the world I would trade in Paul, otherwise a hard no!

If I had to give some advice to anyone that has an idea or a business plan, I would say – just start! The business will evolve as you get going. Learn to pivot with the business and focus on the areas that need to be improved.

BUT the number one piece of advice I would give to everyone is – HUSTLE!!!!

Cheers, and happy Vodka Friday!

Vodka Diva

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